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TV Anterra Comes Back – Reverse Obsolescence for TV Antenna

December 19, 2008

horse-and-buggyMy TV antenna is right this minute providing my Sharp Equos television, which is digital and HD enabled, about 15 channels, including all the major networks, in the clearest, sharpest picture I’ve ever seen.  No cable.

Free.  Nada. Zero.

I remember around 1970 after purchasing my first home waiting impatiently for the advent of cable television.  I think I paid around $18 for the service, which I purchased in order to get good reception.  Over time this relatively modest sum grew 10 fold and I had added a bunch of high powered programming, all of which I purchased in order to watch Tony Soprano knock off a few friends.  He’s now gone, but the cable persists. 

Well not exactly.  After spending last winter in a motor home with the same antenna I have in my 2008 super duper motor home  now worth zilch, I cancelled my cable.  Now 63 I was able to get the basic plan for $12 per month.  It provided all the major networks and I think the History Channel. 

Now, with a super duper antenna at home I’ll be able to get digital and HD without the help of a cable company.  Then I’ll buy the DVD’s of the high powered HBO programs.  Or use the Netflix I pay $18 per month to funnel downloaded movies through my computer to my television.  So movies are handled by Netflix, programming by DVD or Internet streaming, and I still don’t need cable.

This is all because the antenna is coming back.  Hooray for History.

At the price of gas (I know it is down for the moment) we will soon be riding horse pulled carriages or bikes to work just when the Chinese People are getting their first car.  I have Vonage and Skype so I really should drop my land line, fax line, and mobile line. 

I purchased my first mobile telephone for protection so that Cathy would have a phone should she break down on the road.  Trouble was  most of her driving and mine was across the Pinelands where, you know what I’m about to say, there was no service.  The point is however, I purchased it for protection but now have an iPhone with all sorts of stuff I don’t use because of my laptop, Skype and Vonage. 

I can set up Vonage to forward my phone to all the places I’ll be today, like my sons, or the doctors office (they may not like it) and get all my calls, without a mobile phone.  Oh well, it was not my intention to go this far, just to cebrate the return of the home antenna.

Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate and save like $200 per month.   Oh, to be fair I have to say that I paid $2,000 for my laptop.  But having done that, why not drop all the other stuff.  Think I will.  It may be time to sell your cable stock.

Let us all know how  you are saving money, please.