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Skype For The Office

November 21, 2008



Staying in touch is critical.  Exchanging ideas with partners (vendors), customers and folks who do what you do but in another market will help you improve your profitability.


Today was the first video conference our company scheduled using the Skype service.  I’m delighted to say it was a smashing success.


I repeat here the offer I made on my personal business blog.  If you are in the trade, owning a café or coffee house or bakery or bagel shop and buy a fair amount of coffee from Kaffe Magnum Opus, I’ll arrange for a Free Desktop video camera.  I’d ask that in exchange you subscribe to our blog and give us one or two calls on Skype.  Downloading Skype is easy.  It’s best to have your camera installed first.  Just e-mail and I’ll arrange for the free telephone.


The Skype service is free between Skype members.  Today there were 13 Million people on line.  If you are on line and are in the coffee business and agree to talk once or twice with KMO and subscribe to the blog, I’ll arrange a comparable, very nice surprise.


Let’s build a community of coffee professionals at which is a KMO sponsored and managed blog intended for the exchange of ideas to help you build your profits.


Bob Johnson