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Sweet Life Bakery Expands in Vineland

June 25, 2010
You can see Landis Ave. Through the Window
Now Sweet Life Can Bake All Kinds of Bread
Lots of Tables with a View

The store has increased from 750 feet to 2850 feet, added baking equipment and a walk-in freezer, which provides all kinds of bread for their customers, and more tables to enjoy the new views on the main downtown avenue in Vineland, NJ.  I’ll head over there after blogging.

There are many good things happening to entrepreneurs.  It is the American Way.  Since the 1700’s we have been starting businesses; it is the way to independence and happiness.  But it too is hard work requiring staying power, persistence, vision, flexibility and continuing education. 
You can contact Jill and Steve on their web site The Sweet Life.
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