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Exclusives from Kaffe Magnum Opus – Three Eyed Buddha – Hot Havana Nights – Black Satin

July 7, 2010


Selling Like Hot Cakes - Hot Off the Griddle

This is Bob's Favorite

These two coffees are going to compete with the honors won by Special Blend, Navigator Blend and Rocket Fuel combined.   You think it is hot outside now, these two coffees will raise your sales temperature to new highs so keep the air going strong.

Join in the magic of great coffee, join in the fun, join your fellow coffee folks bringing something new to  customers.
We all talk about bringing something new and improved into our lives and business.  These two coffee’s are what you are looking for in your business.  Go for it.

Smooth, Flavorful and Light Body

Black Satin is something to behold and savor.  It is a new taste sensation, sure it dark roasted, but this coffee possesses flavor, and remains smooth.  It is light to medium body, which you will enjoy and so will your customers.
I can say no more.  These three coffees and setting records at Kaffe Magnum Opus and if you brew them, add them to your daily offerings, they will set records for you too.  People come back for more.

Sweet Life Bakery Great Saturday

June 26, 2010

Jill and Stephen June 26 2010 with full schedule of Cakes to Go

 It was a terrific Saturday Morning morning at Sweet Life Bakery.  Stephen invited me over, and I left with a box of buns after a double espresso, expertly made by Ariana, barista.  I recognized several people from my early 90’s shop on Landis Ave.   

Ariana with the Window to the Cold Kitchen behind her

Everyone is smiling and happy.  The window to the kitchen keeps everyone in touch with what is happening in the store and gives customers a chance to watch cake making.  Today there was a refrigerator door full of orders for today’s cakes.  The place was humming. 

Ariana made a very good double espresso with full crema that lasted till the cup was empty.  Well done Ariana. 

My wife loved the morning-glory muffin.  I loved the espresso and the Hot Havana Nights Coffee.  You can buy Sweet Life Bakery Hot Havana Nights Coffee by the bag in the store.  I guarantee you will like it. 

Bob Johnson