Mayorga Coffee Opens New Retail Store


Mayorga Coffee will open soon a new store.  Here is the link to their announcement: Mayorga Coffee Opens New Store.  In view of their commitment to this strategy Kaffe Magnum Opus wishes them well and congratulates them on their growth. 


KMO has chosen not to open retail outlets because they create a dual distribution system.  That is, a company retail location competing with a Cafe, Coffee House or Drink Bar that may purchase coffee from KMO.  Just one of the conflicts is: in the real world customers may be running out of coffee and need to have emergency service.  Faced with a customer or an owned store, which do you send?  At KMO there is never a question. 


If your coffee roaster also operates stores they may put their stores ahead of you.  Or, worse, they may take a location you desired. 


I’d love to have your comments on this.


Another topic related to this is the Specialty Coffee Roaster maintaining a blog and a web presence.  There are conflicting thoughts on this, but in the end it is good for you, our customers, and Kaffe Magnum Opus to maintain a presence on the web.  The web is the new Umbrella covering all the other traditional marketing channels.  Social Media are swamping the traditional media (television, radio, newspapers and magazines).  Promoting a brand today dictates a strong web presence.


Just last week the Christian Science Monitor, a daily for what seems like a hundred years, announced that it would now print a newspaper only on the weekend.  It stopped or is stopping their mid week publication and will instead use the web for news.  This is for sure a harbinger of things to come.


Bob Johnson


Please comment.  Tell the industry what you think.



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